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Fourth question of the promotion: Defeat NTIT at HU and win 100 dollars

All In
All In (Photo credit: banspy)

If you somehow knew for certain that your opponent’s holecards are Red Aces and you had the chance to pick two cards that have the best statistical chance to beat him, if you played to the end of the hand, which two cards will you choose?

Third question of the promotion: Defeat NTIT at HU and win 100 dollars

All In
All In (Photo credit: banspy)

This one is actually two questions:

1- At any point in a hand in Pot Limit Omaha what is the highest number of outs you can have? you have to give an example with both players holecards and board, and enumerate the actual cards that you are counting as outs.

2-  At any point in a hand in No Limit Holdem what is the highest number of outs you can have? you have to give an example with both players holecards and board, and enumerate the actual cards that you are counting as outs.

PS: if you think that somebody’s else answer is wrong, please point the mistake and then give your right answer. Remember that only the first correct answer wins the point.


List of World Series of Poker Main Event champions

Lan aced this one. The answer we were looking for was right there in the photograph holding his cigar.

Walter Clyde “Puggy” Pearson is a poker legend. He’s a former World Champion and a member of the Poker Hall of Fame. Puggy played in the first world championship at Binion’s and was the second living person inducted into the Hall of Fame (behind Johnny Moss.) He is one of the most famous poker players of all time and is indeed a “Poker Great”.

Puggy (who acquired his nickname because of his pug nose) played in the highest stakes poker games in Las Vegas for over 25 years. He is one of the few players in history who said, “Deal me in” (for the highest game in the room) as soon as he walked into a poker room – and this was without knowing what the game was or who was playing.

Puggy rose to the top of his profession on his own. He was born in a shack in the hills of Tennessee. He came from a large, poor family (nine brothers and sisters). As he says, “We were so poor that we had to move every time the rent came due.” He then adds, “I didn’t know what shoes were until I left home.”

Puggy dropped out of school in the fifth grade to work and help the family financially. He doesn’t have a formal education. His education in life consisted of the “school of hard knocks”. In this “school”, he was a fast learner and was always at the head of the class. Don’t confuse his lack of formal education with not being intelligent as Puggy is a brilliant man.

At 16 years of age, Puggy left home to join the Navy. He did three hitches in the Navy. It’s here that he recognized his talents as a gambler. Puggy is an expert at things people gamble on. In the Navy, this was cards and pool. He was a shark in a world of minnows. He knew then that gambling, scuffling, and hustling would be his career. Make no mistake about one thing – Puggy Pearson is one of the greatest “rounders” in history.

When Puggy discovered that there was big action in golf, he decided to learn how to play. (Golf is a hustler’s dream.) He practiced faithfully and became a scratch player. Like all great gamblers, the more Puggy bets, the better he plays. Having heard about how good Puggy played golf, a reporter once asked him, “Just how good do you play?” Puggy answered truthfully, “I shoot whatever it takes to get the money.” And he could.

Puggy’s golf stories are legendary. Once, a few years back, I was playing with Puggy, Tommy Fischer, and a professional player from the PGA Senior Tour. Puggy was getting four shots a side from the pro. Puggy hit only three greens in regulation that day but virtually got the ball up and down on every hole and shot a 75. He beat the pro for $7000. While writing out his check to Puggy in the snack bar after the round, the pro said, “Puggy, I’ve played golf with the greatest players in the world for 40 years and I promise you that none of them, including NicklausPlayer, or anyone else, could ever chip and putt like you do.” Puggy reached across the table, picked up the check, wiggled that cigar of his, broke into a wide grin and said, “You should have seen me ten years ago.”

Once, during a high stakes poker game, the players were discussing golf and this question came up: “If you had to choose anyone in the world to putt a ten foot putt for your life (if they missed it, you would be killed), who would you choose to putt it?” The first guy said Nicklaus, the second guy Crenshaw, another said Tom Watson in his prime. When it came to Doyle Brunson, he said, “Puggy Pearson”. Everyone stared at him in somewhat disbelief and Doyle said emphatically, “That’s right. Puggy Pearson. He’s the greatest pressure putter I’ve ever seen.” Doyle quickly added, “I’ll tell you one thing about Puggy. He won’t dog it. He might not make it, but you’ll get a good roll for your life.”

Puggy likes to call himself a roving gambler. He owns a bus that he named the “Rovin’ Gambler”. On the side of the bus in large letters is his name and the quote, “I’ll play any man from any land any game he can name for any amount he can count” and then in very fine print it says, “Provided I like it.” That sums up Puggy pretty well.

Puggy’s skill as a gambler and talent as a poker player are remarkable. However, he also has a somewhat notorious reputation with dealers (and deservedly so). What many don’t see or know about Puggy, though, is that he has a heart of gold. For example, whenever a poker dealer is ill or someone in their family has died (or anyone in the poker community for that matter), Puggy is the first one there to help. He is also famous for helping out fellow gamblers down on their luck. (Amarillo Slim once said Puggy “was softer than butter on a hot stove”.)

I wrote a song about Puggy. It’s called, “Puggy Pearson, King of the Gambling World”. The song is about Puggy’s life from the hills of Tennesse to his induction into the Poker Hall of Fame. As it says in his song, “He is a gambler’s best friend”.

Puggy, along with many of the original WSOP players in the early 70’s, is a big reason for the success of poker today. These poker pioneers paved the way for all of us. They deserve our thanks and a tip of the hat.

In case you didn’t know, now you do – former World Champion and member of the Poker Hall of Fame Puggy Pearson is indeed a “Poker Great”.

By Mike Sexton

Read more: http://www.pokerpages.com/articles/pokergreats/puggy-pearson01.htm#ixzz2lp0YwLOS

First question of the promotion: Defeat New Tipster in Town and win 100 dollars

World Series of Poker

It’s a funny thing gambling. It is like owning a grocery store. You buy and you sell. You have to pay the going rate for cards and then try to sell them for more than you paid. A gambler’s ace is his ability to think clearly under stress. That is very important, because, you see, fear is the basis of all mankind. In cards you psych them out, you shark’ em, you put the fear of God in them. That’s life. Everything is mental in life. The butt was made to lug the mind around.

The first question is: Which former WSOP Main Event Champion and great golf hustler thought in this fashion?

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Promotion: Defeat New Tipster in Town in a heads up match and win 100 dollars in Pokerstars


To win the chance to play this NLHE heads up match you just have to make a coment in this post with your pokerstars nickname. Then we will ask different questions in new posts in the next days, the first to answer three correctly wins, is that simple!

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*answer the questions in the comments with the same nickname and email (this of course will be kept private) that you state in this post, so we now youre the same person an we can contact you, good luck and have fun!

Balance de picks acertados y fallados hasta hoy en NTiT

Pues eso, nos toca informar de como ha ido en los picks publicados o contestados a traves de los comentarios en este sitio (actualizado al 4 de julio de 2008), que se debe a nuestros visitantes y por eso tratamos de brindarles el mejor servicio.

Hasta el día de hoy tenemos un balance de 43 picks acertados, 3 nulos y solo 14 fallados, estos resultados exceden nuestras expectativas y solo podemos atribuirlos al trabajo constante. Estos resultados son, desde luego, eligiendo picks con cuotas altas y value, pues de lo contrario no tendrían mérito.

Hemos dejado fuera de este conteo los “pronosticos” que hicimos de que equipos calificaban en cada grupo de la euro 2008 y el campeon de la misma, pues desde que los posteamos los calificamos de mera diversion, sin embargo he aqui los resultados que no nos fue tan mal tampoco 😉  en los calificados de grupos: 6 aciertos, 2 fallas; y el pick de campeon se fallo (damn Italy).

Obviamente este balance solo incluye los picks que damos a conocer en esta pagina y no la totalidad de los que brindamos a los suscriptores de Winner Circle.

Esta cuenta a pesar de haber sido revisada dos veces esta sujeta a errores desde luego 😛 sobre todo porque la he hecho en horas de la madrugada, asi que si me he equivocado y alguien tiene la amabilidad de informarnoslo, con gusto corregire la cuenta de ser necesario.

Para celebrar este buen paso un regalo de New Tipster in Town:

Ella es Sarah Brandner, novia de Bastian Schweinsteiger, quien es casi tan feo como su nombre… ni Turquia me sorprendio tanto =O