Phil Galfond Quote

“…a lot of people have a problem with limp-calling (Heads Up) they’re just afraid of it because they think if im gonna limp call I might as well raise myself to have the initiative and things like that, I dont really agree with that at all, first of all im limping becasue I want to strengthen my open raising range and still profitably limp some hands like 76o… the thing about initiative it’s that while it does affect play it’s kind of just mmh it just doesn’t matter, it’s just like a manmade like mmh im struggling for a word here because i dopped out of college but it’s just kind of this thing that we put too much meaning on and really doesn’t affect anything except who it’s gonna be betting the flop, a lot of players are conditioned to think that having the intitiative it’s much better because they realize that when they have the initiative they’re more likely to win the pot, because it’s true, when you’re the one cbetting more often than not they’re gonna win the pot but what they dont realize it’s that you’re puting a bet almost blindly, and generally winning smaller pots than those you lose when you get raised, bluffed, etc. so you’re not necessarily making much more money against a good opponent who it’s gonna be bluff raising and floating with good frequencies…”

This it’s from a Bluefire video… LOL at the part that he can’t find the word because he dropped out of college xD (obviously one of the smartest persons in the world)


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